Fed up with acne cures that just don't work?

Trust me, I have suffered from acne since I was 12, and it isn't pretty. It's painful, itchy, and it always seems to appear just at the wrong time. People used to constantly make comments about it at school, and it really did become a problem for me in my life.

I tried nearly everything in the book to get rid of it - I went to the doctor, and she gave me some pills for it. Those pills didn't suit me and the spots got worse and even started to spread down my back! I tried a load of rubbish old lotions and potions by various different brands, but they failed to provide a cure to those evil little spots.

It isn't until very recently that I found a cure to it. One evening I sat down with my fiance, who has always seen how much it effects my life and we did some research on getting rid of acne. From this research we determined a new skincare routine and a real cure for acne that works.

1. Sweating

Sweating helps to unblock the pores from deep down to remove any locked in dirt that can lead to spots. A little activity to get you sweating provides an excellent fresh start for your skin and if you excersise regularly, it really can help to shift that dirt. It will really help to kick start this cleaning routine! Alternatively, you could use a scrub or a mud/clay mask, but nothing can really deep clean as thoroughly as sweating.

2. Washing

Go out and find a good antibacterial soap, and thoroughly wash your face with it. I recommend the Tea Tree antibacterial face wash by The Body Shop. It costs £6, but it is totally worth it. Once you have washed your face, dry it completely and then wash it again. This will completely unblock your pores of any spot causing bacteria.

3. Disinfecting

This is a crucial step in combating that acne. Buy some antibacterial pads that contain alcohol and salicylic acid. These two ingredients will dry out the spots and kill the infection causing them. I highly recommend the Clearasil Ultra deep pore treatment pads as they are what I use. You could also use rubbing alcohol, but that may damage your skin if it is very sensitive, and it will definitely make it very dry. Salicylic acid is a proven acne cure and it works very fast, too!

Wipe a pad over the whole of your face like you would with a toner, then use another pad to gently rub at any whiteheads you might have, or any especially painful spots. If a spot gets painful it means it's infected, and needs a little extra attention.

4. Finishing touch

I have finally found a spot cream that works! I was skeptical at first because of my past experience with specialised creams, but this is perfect and works really well with the pads. Buy the Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment gel by Neutrogena and apply that each morning and evening to each spot and all the areas that are most effected by spots. It does amazing things and works really quickly.

The results will clearly be seen in about 2 weeks, so don't expect to wake up completely clear. If you keep at it, and use the pads even when you don't have any spots left acne will never be a problem for you again! I'm sure there are many different products out there to suit different skin types, so you might have to do a little searching if the products I recommend here don't agree with you or help you, but I'm pretty sure they should! I thought there was no cure for me, and I had tried it all... But this really changed my mind.

Good luck!


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