Show your nails some love.

It's every girls dream to have long, pretty, perfect nails, but if you want to keep them looking gorgeous, you're going to have to know how to look after them.


Biting your nails is an awful habit, but many people out there are guilty of doing so. Not only does this ruin your nails and make them short and stubby, but in the long run it prevents them from growing long before breaking, then to grow unevenly. There's also the small fact of all that dirt you have collected under your nails through the day that you are putting into your mouth - ugh, gross!

Don't panic! There is a solution. You can buy a life saving little tub of foul tasting nastiness to put onto your nails. Each time you go to bite them you'll get a taste of this nasty concoction and you won't go to do it again too soon, believe me.

Keep it shapely

Giving your nails a trim every once in a while is vital to stop breakage. Just a little off the tips of your nail is enough to keep it nice and manageable.

After you trim your nails, make sure that you then file them a little with a soft file to shape them a little better. Go along the tips and just slightly down on the side of each nail to ensure a lovely, even shape.

Keep it clean

After trimming and filing your nails, you should then pick out all the dirt collected underneith your nails. Do this often, as it can lead to nasty infections as well as looking dirty and grubby.

Make sure when picking out the dirt that you poke it downwards and then away from the nail, not up under the skin or it could get wedged under there. Also make sure that you don't use anything that could scratch your nail as this will make them weak and ruin them.

Keep it strong

The best way to keep your nails and the area around them strong and healthy is to use a good hand and nail cream. This will soften skin and prevents the nails from becoming brittle. Perfect for winter.

Cuticles can become parched and straggly, so massage a few drops of almond oil into your nail base. Always treat this area with great care, as damage to the nail bed will result in weak, bumpy or white flecked nails.

Use a special nail strengthener to keep your nails strong, healthy and promote growth while giving a glossy finish.

Keep it glamourous

Most people don't really know how to apply nail polish evenly, avoiding all those little lumps and blotches that really don't look great. There's a very simple, very easy way to apply nail polish, ensuring that it looks fabulous every time.

First take the applicator brush out the pot and wipe the excess on to the side. We don't want to smother the nails, as this will create blotches. A thin coat is all we will need.

Next, run the brush steadily down one side of your nail from the top right down to the tip, then repeat this on the other side of the nail. Finish off by repeating this all the way down the middle. This will ensure that there are no visible brush strokes, blotches or uneven colour.

Finish off with a nice coat of clear coat to add a glossy shine to the nails and protect against chips and dents, and using a white nail pencil under your nail tips for a natural finishing touch.


The most attractive look that you can give your nails is the simple look. Try using a gentle, neutral colour of nail polish, or simply just use clear coat. You can never go wrong with the natural sophisticated look.
Here are some colour suggestions:

Nail polish remover

It's important to find a nail polish remover that will do its job without damaging your nails. make sure that is is nourishing and is ammonia free.

Natural nail whitener

You can care for your nails naturally. Use this recipe to whiten your nails and make them look clean and fresh.

  • 1 denture tablet
  • 1 cup warm water
Pour the water in a small bowl and drop the denture tablet in it. Soak your hands in the mixture for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.