Fancy losing a few pounds the healthy way?

I've met loads of people who have tried many different diets but aren't losing any weight. From the Atkins diet to starvation, they struggle and strain, yet they don't lose any weight. Why? Well it's pretty simple. The human body needs to eat. If you have been eating a lot all your life, or eating regular amounts, taking that steady flow of nutrition away cold turkey will confuse your body into thinking it's starving.

No one will be able to go day after day without food, and when you eventually do eat, your body will store what you eat in desperation after ages of malnutrition and hunger. The more you don't eat, the hungrier you will get and you'll end up eating loads when you end up deciding enough is enough. Guess what the moral of the story is? Your body stores that food, and it turns into....? You guessed it: fat.

Let's all do ourselves a favor, and not go there, eh? The more you eat, the less weight you gain. The less you eat, the more weight you gain (providing you eat the right things). It really is as simple as that, and it is scientifically proven unlike those fabulous looking celeb style diet fads. Who wants to eat rabbit food anyway?

Just in case you are wondering if I don't really have a clue what I'm on about, I used to be a UK size 16 and by eating more and maintaining a steady excersise routine I got down to a size 8. You can join me, and it's as simple as going out into the kitchen and making yourself a good meal.

Let's begin with breakfast

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. This meal will kick start your metabolism, and get you ready for your day feeling energetic and healthy. A good breakfast makes for a good morning - and I don't mean by just grabbing a cereal bar on your way out to school/work. No... I'm on about making time for your breakfast. Setting aside a little bit of your morning to ensure you are feeling great.

Your breakfast should consist of a few key things:

● A filling, healthy bowl of cereal

Cereal is very good for you and low fat, too. It is also good as you get your calcium from the milk which helps build strength up in your bones. Milk is also filling and will keep you going.

● Fruit

Need I say anything? Fruit is excellently healthy for you. Most people don't get their five portions of fruit a day, but even if you don't you should always have some with your breakfast - it's amazingly good for you.

A healthy drink
Most of us don't drink hardly enough these days. It's not something we really see as very important and we definitely don't remember it enough. A good, healthy drink with your breakfast is vital, and I don't just mean a glass of lemonade or cola. I'm talking about fruit juice, tea or coffee. (Decaf tea and coffee is a must. Caffeine can really pull you down if you have it too often. Yes, there is caffeine in tea!)

Mid Morning

Okay, so now it's been a while since you ate breakfast, and you've begun to feel a little peckish. With a good breakfast the mid morning hunger won't be half as bad as if you don't eat much or skip it altogether, but it happens.

Don't give in to the high fat snacks and chocolate! Find a healthy snack like fruit or yogurt. Something light, yet tasty that will carry you through to lunch.


So, you're surrounded by places to go out and eat at lunch time... There's a McDonald's over there and pizza hut over there... No. Avoid the high fat take-aways and show your body some real love and passion.

If you are a busy person and you go to school or work, take some time to prepare a healthy, balanced meal for lunch. Make sure it's high in nutrition and not dripping in fat and grease. Maybe make some sandwiches and have some salad with it. It tasted great. Or maybe if you have the time make some pasta and mix in some veggies. You can't go wrong with a well thought out, balanced lunch.

For afters you could always indulge with some fruit or a healthy desert, too.

Between lunch and dinner

Much like the mid morning hunger, just a healthy snack will do. Nothing fancy. Keep yourself energetic and ignore the chocolate and un healthy snacky foods that are staring at you yelling 'EAT ME!' Cheeky little devils.


The last meal of the day. Dinner, much like lunch, must contain all the good things that you need in your diet. Maybe search some low fat recipes and give them a try.
(Click here for some really good stuff)


Some fruit, and a glass of milk before bed makes for a perfect end to a perfect day of eating healthily with out starving yourself.

It honestly is as simple and easy as that. Keeping healthy with out the fuss and pain of a diet! If you lead an active lifestyle and do a lot of walking this will see you piling off the pounds in weeks. Even walking is excersise, and doing a lot of it can work wonders on your figure. Eating healthy is best when you do plenty of excersise along with it.

It's a good idea to also take a multivitamin to boost your health. If you are anemic, eat foods with plenty of iron (raisins, meat etc.) and find a multivitamin that contains iron.

If you feel the need, gym is always an awesome option, too. It can be really really fun and is also a great place to meet new friends so you can keep each other motivated!

Food pyramid


Food facts

Different foods have different qualities. When you are hunting for healthy snacks, try to find ones that will truly advantage your body.

  • Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. Eating a banana daily will reduce the amount of aches and pains you get.
  • Apples are especially good for your metabolism. An apple a day really can keep the doctor away!
  • Raisins contain a lot of iron. Eating raisins can be excellent for you if you are anemic.
  • Cashew nuts contain a vast number of good things, plus having excellent effects on your metabolism. They also taste great! Nuts are an excellent healthy snack.
  • Strawberries have great teeth cleaning qualities. Eating strawberries regularly can help to whiten your teeth.
  • Carrots are good for your skin, sight and hair.
  • Acai berries help to burn off unwanted fat.