Take care of those luscious locks.

It has taken me quite a while to find a shampoo and conditioner to suit my hair. I have the type of hair that is either terribly dry or terribly greasy and sometimes just downright frizzy! However, I've stumbled across a few things that have helped to tame it and let it feel a little more loved.

Top Tips

Stress, smoking, not exercising and not eating nutritiously are not healthy for your hair.
Avoid using hair styling products with alcohol, as it will dry out your hair.
Getting enough sleep will make your hair healthier.
If you go swimming, make sure to wet your hair before stepping into the pool. It will soak up that water instead of the chlorinated water.
Hair is most fragile when it is wet so avoid brushing or combing when it's wet, or it will cause breakage. Wait until your hair is almost completely dry before brushing it.

Aussie love

I discovered the wonders of Aussie. They sure do know how to treat hair, and I have a lot to thank them for. My hair is so soft and manageable! I tried the various different Aussie shampoos, starting with Miracle moist which helps to bring flat, dead hair back to life again and add shiny softness too. I used this for a while until it was all back in shape again. I then tried the real volume shampoo which was amazing. It gave my hair that body and shape that it had been lacking for all this time. I'm currently using the Mega shampoo and conditioner which simply cleans - and does it well too!

Frizz tamer

I still find sometimes that my hair gets frizzy and a little bent out of shape. I used to use spray for this problem but that made it look lanky and flat after a while. Recently I've found that simply using a little water when brushing can help to calm down that fuzziness without taking away the shine and going stiff.

Another thing that helps is using extra conditioner on your hair when you wash it. Make sure you don't get too much on the top of your hair, but concentrate more on the middle and the tips. Using a straightening conditioner can help as it will leave your hair smooth, shiny and a lot more manageable.

If you have very frizzy hair it is advisable not to curl or straighten it often without using a heat resistance serum. This will coat your hair and shield it from heat and getting overly dry, static and miserable. Be careful though - some may leave your hair greasy and clumpy. It may take some time to find one suited to your hair.

Greasy hair

It can be so annoying having to keep washing your hair over and over because it gets greasy so fast. There are some things you can do to slow this down a little.

Let's start with shampoo. Use a shampoo that is made for 'normal' hair. Using a shampoo made for dry hair or any other hair types doesn't help your hair at all and can even make it greasier. When you wash your hair, shampoo it once then rinse out completely, then shampoo again. This helps to get rid of the excess oils in your hair completely.

Avoid a very thick conditioner. Conditioners contribute to this greasiness if you use the wrong type. Find a conditioner that doesn't leave any build up and washes out of your hair without clinging too heavily. It is best not to condition the base of your hair at all, just concentrate on the tips and the middle.

Avoid running your fingers through your hair as this deposits oils that aren't usually found on the hair. You could also be depositing any dirt from your fingers into your hair.

Fine hair

Ah, can't fine hair just be the biggest pain? All those fly away's... And it's so prone to frizz! You should take extra care of your delicate hair and be extremely gentle with it.

NEVER brush your hair too roughly as this can cause it to snap and break instantly. Brush gently, starting at the bottom. (See the brushing article below)

Use a shampoo and conditioner made for dry hair as it will add extra moisture and strength. If you brush the conditioner through your hair be extra gentle as your hair is most vulnerable when it's wet and can split and break under rough conditions.

Avoid blow drying your hair, or bleaching/dying it. This can really damage your hair. If you insist on colouring it, try to find a bleach/dye that has added nourishment.

Dry hair

Take care of that dry hair and give it some moisture! Use a dry hair shampoo and conditioner, making sure to concentrate on conditioning. Leave the conditioner to sit for a few minutes after putting it on to really soak into the hair and restore moisture.

Avoid washing your hair daily, as each time you do you are washing away vital oils that help to keep your hair healthy. Limit washing it to 2 - 3 times a week.

After washing your hair, it's recommended not to blow dry it. Blow drying dries out your hair and any natural moisture that is in it.

When your hair is still partly damp and almost dry, rub in a moisturising oil. Avoid the use of sprays and styling products that contain alcohol, as this will dry your hair out terribly!


If you have the type of hair that likes to lay flat, the best way of plumping it up a little is by using a lightweight formula volume mousse.

Put quite a bit of the mousse into the palm of your hand, and with your fingers spread it all the way through your hair, making sure you apply it under your hair as well.

When you have done that, lift your hair slightly with your hand, plumping it up and making it look more full. You can also brush your hair from underneath to give a similar effect.

If the mousse makes your hair greasy, it would definitely be a good idea to try a different one. The right mousse will create a shiny softness and a little more life.

Dandruff care

Oh dear. No one wants dandruff.. Those itchy little flakes of scalp are a real nuisance, and there's no real cure for them. It's a nightmare, but thankfully there are ways of cutting it right down.

If your case of dandruff is mild, simply shampooing it daily with a normal shampoo will do the trick. It won't completely cure it, but there will be much less of it. Strong shampoos can irritate your scalp so start off by trying a mild or normal one.

Anti dandruff shampoos are the best way of cutting down that dandruff, so if a normal shampoo doesn't do the trick move on to using one. It may take a while for you to find the right one for your hair but keep trying different brands until you find what you're looking for.

A healthy diet and plenty of sleep will help keep your scalp and body, and also contribute towards getting rid of dandruff.

If you have a very bad case of dandruff, you should seek help from your doctor.

Shampoo and conditioning

Keeping your hair clean is very important as it removes the dirt, dead skin cells, oils and any products you might have used. It is a vital step to keeping your hair vibrant, shiny and soft. Here are some tips on making sure that you are washing your hair the way that is best for it.

Try to find products that match your hair type. This is very important as they will provide extra care and nourishment for your hair, and bring out its full natural beauty. It will take a while to find a shampoo that truly suits your hair but when you do, you'll notice the difference.

If your hair is quite oily, wash it every day. For normal hair it's recommended to wash it 2 - 3 times a week, but you should wash it as often as you think it needs.

Wash your hair with warm water to start with, and then rinse off with cold water. This will increase shine.

use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair as it adds shine, reduces static, and moisturises it. Always spread the conditioner through your hair evenly and brush it down, then leave it for a few minutes to soak in.

Be gentle when you shampoo and condition your hair. Hair is most delicate when it is wet and by washing it roughly you could damage it.


Brushing your hair is the most basic level of haircare. There's nothing more simple than brushing your hair, and it's an easy way of making it look good. Some people, however, can cause damage to their hair by brushing, because they do it the wrong way.

Make sure that you comb your hair to remove any tangles before brushing it. Start at the bottom, grabbing hold of a little of your hair, then brushing that until any knots and tangles are out. Always start with the bottom, because if you start straight away from the top you can cause any underlying knots to become worse. Work your way up to the base of your hair.

Once you brush the top of your hair, then go ahead and brush underneath. Again, start at the bottom to get out any knots and tangles then work your way up. When you have thoroughly brushed your hair this way it will be a lot easier to style.

If your hair becomes static when you brush it, use a little water on your brush. It is best to avoid using plastic brushes/combs which create static electricity. Be sure to use only wide toothed combs and brushes instead of sharp tooth combs as they can scratch the scalp and cause split ends. To keep your brushes and combs clean, wash them weekly using soap or shampoo. Never clean them with anything that could damage your hair.


It's most recommended to leave your hair to dry naturally wrapped up in a towel, but not all of us have the time for that. Most of us prefer to blow dry our hair because of the smooth, salon style effect that it gives. Here are some good blow drying tips.

Make sure that when you dry your hair, you use the cold setting. Hot air will basically fry your hair, making it dry and damaged.

If your blow dryer doesn't have a heat setting or you just prefer it hot, don't leave the blow dryer in one spot for too long. Concentrating on one part of your hair for a long period of time will really damage it and so will holding the blow dryer too close to your hair.

Make sure to leave your hair partially damp, and let it dry naturally from that point to avoid damaging or drying out your hair.

If you come across any knots in your hair while drying don't hack at them with your brush. Take some time to carefully untangle them before continuing to dry your hair.

Dye tips

If you dye your hair you may notice that it is very stubborn to remove from the skin. If you are dying it just before a night out, it may be quite stressful to remove it in time. Here are some tips on effectively, naturally removing it from the skin and helping to prevent it from getting on there in the first place.

Put a long string of cotton around your head, covering the forehead, ears and neck. Apply a bit of Vaseline or lotion anywhere your hair meet the skin. It will help to prevent stains being as bad.

Rub some Vaseline or baby oil on the stains and leave it on overnight.

You can use cleanser to get rid of the stain. Simply wet the area with warm water, apply your cleanser and scrub.

Take a cotton ball soaked with regular milk and rub the stains.

Warm water and antibacterial soap can also help to remove the dye.

Shampoo can help remove the dye too. Take some shampoo and rub with towel.

Toothpaste can also be used. Put a small amount of toothpaste onto your finger and rub it on the stains.

Highlight help

To create the best effect with your highlight kit, follow these few simple steps and wear with pride!

  • Use a clarifying shampoo on your hair at least two days before coloring.
  • Never shampoo the day you color.
  • Check the expiration date on the package. And once you mix the color, use it right away!
  • Make sure you have on hand a pair of good, tight-fitting latex gloves (the ones that come in the package don't always fit well).
  • Start from the back of your head and work forward. By working from back to front, you won't smear the pieces in front by having to reach over them to do the back.
  • Apply the highlights only to the top layers of your hair. By leaving the hair underneath alone, you'll create depth and a sun kissed look that looks completely natural!
Highlight tips from free-beauty-tips.glam.com