Skincare that really cares!

Always remember, one of the oldest and most effective beauty treatments is drinking water.  Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day will help your skin and hair look fresh and youthful.

Scrub up!

Body scrubs are a God send. They effectively scrub away the dull, dead skin cells, revealing the young, new, radiant skin underneath. If you have dry skin, scrubs are a wonderful way of helping to reduce the roughness and reveal much softer skin.

Oily skin

If you are looking to put a stop to that oily skin of yours, look no further than this simple skincare routine. Regularly use a facial mask, keep clean and avoid moisturisers. It's as simple as that! Using a blackhead clearing scrub once in a while will help to reduce the shininess of skin, and also go deep to force out blackheads. Handy!

Dry skin

Use a moisturiser with vitamin E. Vitamin E nourishes and hydrates the skin, providing a remedy to that dryness. Use a vitamin E facial and body wash too for the best effect.

It's bath time

If you want to make sure your skin is at its softest, always make sure to use a sensitive skin soap no matter what type of skin you have. Sensitive skin products are much more gentle and add extra moisture that other types of soap don't have. They simply add a little love to your bath. Aww.

Before your bath, cleanse your face, then use a facial mask. Facial masks are most effective when followed by a bath as the moisture and steam from the water opens the pores and makes your skin more receptive to the effects of the mask.

Bath oils are a luxurious additive and especially good for dry skin. However, some float on the surface of the water and leave a nasty greasy ring around the bath. Other kinds spread throughout the water. Bath oils scent the body and cling to the skin like an invisible film when you step out the bath and help to lock in moisture.

Some herbs, like basil, mint, rosemary and thyme are invigorating and will set you up for the day. Other herbs like lavender and chamomile have a relaxing effect. Wrap some herbs in a piece of muslin, tie tightly and hang the bundle under the hot tap. As you rub your bath, the water will pick up the essence of the herbs.


There are a few good things that you can add to your bath to make it pleasant and relaxing. Here are a few.

Rose pettles or dried lavender is great to scatter in to the water. It adds a relaxing smell and looks quite nice, too.

Bath pearls are little capsules of bath oil which release the oil as they dissolve.

Bath milks make the water soft and creamy, soothing and moisturising skin without leaving it oily.

Bath salts are generally designed to refresh and invigorate, or soothe and relax. A wonderful thing to add to your bath!

Follow your bath with a moisturising body oil, as this will lock in the moisture from your bath and keep you softer for longer. Use one that isn't too greasy and sticky and won't clog up your skin. After applying the oil, it would be a good time to apply perfume or body spray.  Your skin is warm after your bath, and this will bring out the smell nicely.

After your bath, use clean, tissue covered fingers to remove blackheads. After your bath your pores are open, making all the nastiness a lot easier to shift. Never use your nails to remove blackheads, and go gentle.

Hair are more easily removed after your bath when the pores are open. This is an ideal time to shave your legs.

As well as the body oil, use a moisturiser for the places that regularly get dry like your hands, elbows, knees etc. This will help to soothe your skin and soften it.


We all know that the only way we'll survive a day without getting sweaty is to use a good deodorant. The best type of deodorant to use is the stick ones, ad they will last a lot longer than the spray or roll on's.

It's also vital to find a deo that won't dry out the delicate skin under your arms, but will keep it moisturised and fresh with out leaving nasty white marks on your clothes.


Here are my top skincare products of all time. If you're looking for soft, irresistible skin then you may just want to give them a try.

Radox bath soaps

These luxurious, pampering soaps are perfect for unwinding after along, hard day. Stress will just melt away in the bubbles.

Each one has it's own gorgeous, fantastically sensual smell and takes you on that little relaxation trip that a bath always should be.

Might I just add, that they do all this without breaking the bank... ;)

The Body Shop coconut body butter

I love the body shop. There is simply no other place more dedicated to high quality skincare products. Even just walking in there, the sweet smell of all it's wonderful products is so amazing.

I love the body butters that they make most of all! My absolute favourites are cherry, mango, satsuma and the fabulous coconut.

Now I don't know about you, but the sweet smell of coconut to me is one of the best smells in the world... And this body butter has it all. It leaves you soft, and feeling totally gorgeous.

It isn't cheap, but go on... Spoil yourself!

St. Ives apricot scrub

Mmm... Delicious! This not only removes the impurities from your skin, but its heavenly texture and smell makes it simply delightful to use.

Made with real apricot seeds and a special blend of ingredients that do good things for skin, it smells so sweet and feels great. It leaves skin feeling soft, and snug!

It isn't simply for the face, either, as it's great to use all over the body to give you smooth, radiant skin!

Boots Cucumber eye make-up remover


If you are looking for a make-up remover that is gentle, effective AND inexpensive, you're looking right at it. It is cool and refreshing and doesn't leave a trace of make up! It doesn't sting either - but don't go rubbing it in your eyes or it just might.

Mango Lip Butter

Moisturise those luscious lips with this delicious lip butter. Another one of my body shop favorites, and something that I always keep with me wherever I go.

Tesco Vintage Rose bath salt


This may be made by Tesco but you would never guess it. Turn your bath into a spa with this relaxing, gorgeous smelling bath salt. It's made with real dried rose pettles, and it smells absolutely divine.

Superdrug mud mask

Dig deep into that skin and get rid of all the nastiness trapped underneath it! This facial mask is absolutely perfect and is one of the cheapest ones I have found so far. It also smells pretty good, too! With natural minerals - Perfect.

Cocoa butter cream body scrub

This body scrub is delicate on skin and smells great. It removes the dry, dull skin leaving a soft, young radiant glow!

 It's available in many delicious flavors so take your pick and enjoy.

Sudocrem healing cream

Sudocrem is amazing. Not just for nappy rash, this amazing formulation can soften skin and take away any nasties that may be lurking in it. It doesn't smell bad, it doesn't cost much and it is amazing.

It's best to use Sudocrem at night, as it makes your skin look a little white until it soaks in properly.

Monoi Miracle Oil

This oil is very useful - it softens skin, enhances a bath or massage, and conditions hair. It doesn't smell half bad, either as it combines the beautiful fragrance of Tahitian gardenia flowers with coconut oil for an exotic and floral scent and Community Trade babassu oil from Brazil.